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A little about me

Hey there! I'm Sébastien Dubois 👋

Dubois Sébastien

I wear many hats: father, husband, author, software crafter, CTO, solution architect, mentor, coach, entrepreneur, geek, gamer. I'm also the founder of DeveloPassion, a software development company located in Belgium.

I've been working for 15+ years in the IT industry . Since day one (and actually long before that), I have always been passionate about IT, software development, IT security, code quality, the open Web, and open-source software. I write about knowledge management, software development, entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, management, leadership, and more. Subscribe to my newsletter if you're interested in those subjects.

Back in 2019, I wrote a book called "Learn TypeScript by Building Web Applications" about TypeScript, a wonderful programming language.

Currently, I'm busy writing a collection of 12 books called Dev Concepts, which explains a gazillion concepts around software development. The goal of that collection is to explain what the software craft is all about, and help those interested on their way to become full-stack developers.

I grew up when the world was waking up to the World Wide Web. I started playing with computers when I was 8, and never stopped since. I also have a few other passions like photography, board games, piano, and errr... well too many other things ;-) I could tell you more, but you'll have to ask ;-)

If you're curious, I wrote a page about the stuff I use.