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Welcome on my brand new blog

Sébastien Dubois /

2 min read

Hey there! Welcome to my new home on the Web 🎉

I've finally decided to take a bit of time to create a new Website for my main domain. It was about time; I created the previous version of my blog back in 2011. I guess that one Website revamp per 10 year period should do it ;-)

The previous version was using Wordpress, and my own theme. It served its purpose, but it's clearly dated now. Moreover, Many posts were broken after the death of Google+ a long time ago, and editing articles was really a pain.

Since I don't have much time/energy to really have fun with the revamp, I've cloned a project I'm currently working on, and hacked away, taking a lot of inspiration from Lee Robinson's wonderful website. If you don't know Lee, then make sure to check out his top-notch content!

The sources of this site are on Github. It's made with React, Next.js, Tailwind, MDX, TypeScript (of course!), and a gazillion other things ^_^.

In the coming days, I'll reimport my previous blog posts. Those will get new URLs, so I'm probably going to break the Web a little; sorry about that!

From now on, I plan on cross-posting my articles here, on Medium,, and Hashnode.

That's it for today! ✨

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